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The Correct Use Method Can Ensure The Power Generation Of The Power Station, And It Can Also Guarantee The Service Life
Jun 04, 2018

How to maintain and maintain solar photovoltaic modules

Many people now use electricity for solar photovoltaic power generation. Using photovoltaic power generation not only cleans and protects the environment, but also saves electricity and sells electricity to make money. We all know that photovoltaic power plants are high-quality, high-value, high-demand products. Proper use of these power plants not only ensures the power generation of the power station, but also enables them to maintain their useful life. Therefore, the maintenance of the power station after installation is particularly important. Let Xiao Bian introduce how to systematically maintain solar PV modules.

1. The surface of photovoltaic modules should be kept clean. Wipe the PV modules with a dry or damp, soft and clean cloth. Do not wipe the PV modules with corrosive solvents or hard objects. Photovoltaic modules should be cleaned with irradiance less than 200 W/m2. Liquid cleaning kits with large temperature differences between the modules should not be used.

2. Photovoltaic modules should be inspected periodically. If any of the following problems are found, the photovoltaic modules should be adjusted or replaced immediately. Photovoltaic modules have glass shattering, backplane scorching, and obvious color changes; photovoltaic modules have air bubbles that form communication channels with the edges of components or any circuit; photovoltaic module junction boxes are distorted, distorted, cracked, or burned, and terminal blocks are not good contact.

3. The charged warning signs on the PV modules must not be lost.

4, the use of metal frame of photovoltaic components, frame and bracket should be a good combination, the contact resistance between the two is not greater than 4Ω, the frame must be firmly grounded.

5. When working under shadowless conditions, the temperature difference between the outer surface of the same photovoltaic module (the area directly above the battery) should be less than 20°C when the solar irradiance is above 500W/m2 and the wind speed is not more than 2m/s. PV power plants with installed capacity greater than 50kWp should be equipped with an infrared thermal imager to detect the temperature difference on the outer surface of the PV modules.

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