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Low Voltage Switchgear

Low-Voltage Switchgear with Drawable

Low-Voltage Switchgear with Drawable

General 1.Application:low voltage switch gear mainly applicable in place with high automaticity and need to communicate with computer ,like large power station and petrochemistry system, as the withdraw switchgear device of the distribution and motor controling ,and reactive power compensation...
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1.Application:low voltage switch gear mainly applicable in place with high automaticity and need to communicate with computer ,like large power station and petrochemistry system, as the withdraw switchgear device of the distribution and motor controling ,and reactive power compensation in power system.
2.Level of protection IP30, IP40. Bus type: three phase four wires, three phase five 
wires. Operation type: in-place, long-distance and automatic
3.Standard: IEC60439-1

Working Conditions
1.Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃.
Daily average temperature:≤35℃.
When the actual temperature exceed the range, it should be used by reducing the 
capacity accordingly.
2.T ransport and store temperature: -25℃~+55℃. do not exceed +70℃ in short 
3.Altitude: ≤2000m.
4.Relative humidity : ≤50%, when temperature is +40℃.
When temperature is low , larger relative humidity is allowed. when it is +20℃, 
relative humidity can be 90%. Since the temperature change will make out 
5.Installation inclination:≤5%
6.Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.
Note: Customized products are available.

Main technical parameter
1.Electric datas
1)Rated insulation voltage: 690V/1000V
2)Rated operational voltage: 400V/690V
3)Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
4)Rated impulse withstands voltage: 8kV
5)Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit: AC380/220V, DC110/220V
6)Over-voltage grade: III
7)Rated current: ≤5000A
8)Rated current of horizontal bus bar: ≤5000A
9)Rated current of vertical bus bar: 1000A
2.Mechanical items
1)Incoming and outgoing mode
2)Cable incoming and outgoing
3)Connection mode
4)The functional units completely separated or partially separate

Structure feature

GCK panel is combination structure with bolt. The complete panel is compose of 
door, terminal board , baffle plate ,supporting frame and drawer , busbar , etc.
Basic frame adopts FA28 type or KB type (C type) to combine with together . T otal 
structural components of frame are connected by self-tapping screw.

It should add to door, face place, baffle plate, supporting frame and drawer to finish 
completed panel by requirements.
The installation hole of body and components modules E=25mm change ,flexible 
and convenient to install.

Drawer unit height divide into ½ unit, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, and 
600mmm series. The loop current decide the drawer height ,virtual installation 
height is 1800mm.

GCK panel withdrawable function unit adopts special push (pull) mechanism, light 
structure, perfect interchange. It indicate of working position, test position and 
isolating position mechanical locking condition. Install additional pad lock for 
operating handle.

The frame and inner metal components are galvanized to assure reliable earthing .
GCK basic frame is combination assembly type structure, adopt standardized module 
design. for combination assembly type structure, the standard module design.
Compact structure, flexible assembly, can be assembled into a protection, 
measurement and control, indicating etc. standard unit, Can choose assembly 
according to requirement, T o form different frame construction and drawer unit.

1. The cabinet frame

1)Parts forming size, hole size ,Equipment interval adopt modularization. (E=25mm)

2)The internal structure should be galvanized.

3)The top cover is detachable ,horizontal bus can be installed easily after removing 

the top cover , Hand ring 

4)External phosphating treatment; Then use electrostatic epoxy powder coating.

5)Cabinet frame is divided into the busbar compartment, functional compartment, 

the cable compartment three separate interval, Can prevent accidents diffusion and convenient charged repair.

2. Functional unit (Withdrawable part)
1)Functional unit: Feeder unit , Motor unit ,utility power unit.
2)The high modulus of drawer unit is 200mm, include 1/2unit ,1unit ,2 unit ,3 unit 
four size series.
Unit loop rated current below 630A.
3)Each MCC Cabinet can install 9 set drawer with 1 unit , or 18 set drawer with ½ 
unit .
4)The compartment door plate is interlocked between operating mechanism and 
drawer , the door can be open until the main switch is on the close position
5)The main switch operating mechanism can be locked in close or open position by 
a padlock , the equipment can be maintained safely.
6)There are main circuit outlet plug ,auxiliar y circuit secondary plug and earthing 
plug at the back of function unit. 
7)The earthing plug make sure the protection circuit continuity when drawer on 
Separation tests connection position.
8)Functional unit compartment by metal partition board.
9)Compartment valve, can be open and close automatically, with drawers pushed 
and pulled so that in the compartment without touching the vertical busbar .

3. Busbar system
1)Vertical bus uses polycarbonate engineering plastic shell sealed
GCK, GCL busbar system use 3P4W, 3P5W, Horizontal busbar will be installed at 
2)the top of cabinet, N phase, PE phase. 
and can also be arranged in the cabinet bottom.
Can be installed on the top of the cabinet,


Outline and installation size

The effective height of installation

1.Electric cabinet and buscouple cabinet
Cabinet width can be 600,800,1000,1200,(800-400)mm according to rated current 
and method of incoming and outgoing.
Depth of cabinet is 800,1000(Advise to use 1000mm ,The top incoming and top 
outgoing must be 1000mm)
2.Feeder cabinet
Cabinet Width: 600, 800mm
Cabinet depth: 600, 1000 (advise to use 1000mm top outgoing cabinet must be 
3.Motor control cabinet
Width: 600, 600+200mm
Depth of cabinet: 800, 1000mm(advise to use 1000mm top outgoing cabinet must 
be 1000mm)
Power compensation cabinet
Width: 600(4, 6 loop), 800(8), 1000(10 loop )mm
cabinet depth: 800, 1000mm





Electric power or Electric feeder



Electric power or Bus connection



Electric power or Bus connection



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