The use of wind increases rapidly with the increase of wind speed
Jun 04, 2018

The wind you can use increases rapidly with the wind speed, the wind speed doubles, and the available wind power increases by 8 times. This is too surprising. 

Altaeros designed the turbine blades made of lightweight composite aluminum material, surrounded by an annular laminated material shielding structure, to "focus" the wind while keeping the turbines afloat. Ryan said: "This design is not much different from sailing or parachute." This device is similar to a built-in helium jet engine. Altaeros plans to release a prototype equivalent to one-third of its full-size base within a few months at an abandoned air base near the Maine-Canada border.

All of these floating wind turbine designs will be deployed on the migratory routes of birds and bats, with less impact on the environment than on the ground turbines, and this is what environmental groups are pursuing. In addition, they must also meet the relevant regulations of the federal government and must not hinder normal civil aviation and military aircraft flights.

A city floating in the clouds, a series of inflatable wind turbines using wind energy to meet electricity demand. This kind of aerial city is still a kind of scientific fantasy, but aerial wind farms are becoming a reality.

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