Low noise, long life, high suction
Jun 04, 2018

What standard does the silent pump and micro-pump follow? You can choose according to the following principles.

First, the normal temperature working medium (0-50 °C), purely pumping or solution, no water and gas dual-use, but requires self-absorption capacity, and flow and output pressure requirements.

Note: The pumping working medium is water, non-oily, non-strongly corrosive liquids (cannot contain solid particles, etc.), must have self-priming function, you can choose the following pumps:

1, the flow rate is relatively large (about 4 to 20 liters / minute), the pressure requirements are not high (about 1 ~ 3 kg), mainly used for water circulation, water sampling, lifting, etc., requiring low noise, long life, high self-absorption Cheng, etc., optional BSP, CSP series;

2, the flow rate is not high (about 1 to 5 liters / min), but the pressure is greater (about 2 ~ 11 kg), mainly used for spray, booster, car wash, etc. does not require long time work under high pressure or large load , you can choose ASP, HSP and other series;

3, for the tea table pumping, spraying, etc., require the volume as small as possible, flow requirements, low noise (about 0.1 to 3 liters / minute), optional ASP series.

Second, the normal temperature working medium (0-50 °C), the need for pumping or gas (water vapor may be mixed or idle, dry transfer occasions), value the volume, noise, continuous use and other properties.

Description: It requires water and gas dual-use, can dry for a long time, does not damage the pump; 24-hour continuous operation; the volume is particularly small, low noise, but the flow and pressure requirements are not high.

1. Use a micropump to pump or vacuum, but sometimes liquid water enters the pump chamber.

2. It is required that the micropump can pump both air and water.

3, pumping with a micro pump, but sometimes there may be no pump pumping water, in the "dry" state.

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