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Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Breaker

  • 12kV Indoor Vacuum Breaker

    Mostly purpose The ZN63A(VS1)-12 series indoor vacuum breaker is used in indoor HV switchgear,being protection and control units of electric networks and power equipments in industrial and mining establishments.It is suitable for some places with frequently operating or...
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  • 12kV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    Mostly purpose VS1-12 Type side-mounted vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor high-voltage switching device and is used for protection and control of electric appliance,applied for three-phase power system with rated voltage of 12KV and frequency of 50HZ,as the special...
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  • 24kV Plateau Type Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    Mostly purpose VS1-24indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an AC three-phase 50HZ indoor high-voltage switching equipment with rated voltage of 24KV,mainly applied for protection and control in power distribution system of power plant,electric substation and...
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  • 40.5kV High Voltage Indoor Vacuum Breaker

    Mostly Purpose The ZN85-40.5/T2000-31.5 indoor HV vacuum breaker(short for breaker)is used for switching on/off load current,over load current,fault current in industrial and mining establishments,power plants and transformer substations with trhree-phase AC 50HZ,rated...
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  • High Quality Indoor Vacuum Breaker

    Mostly purpose ZN23-40.5 and ZN39-40.5 series HV vacuum breakers are three-phase AC 50HZ,rated voltage 40.5KV indoor HV distribution equipments.They match with JYN1-35/GBC-35 switch cabinets.They are used for controlling and protecting transmission and distribution systems of...
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  • High Voltage Indoor Vacuum Breaker

    Mostly purpose The ZN28-12 series vacuum breaker is HV indoor switchgear with rated voltage 12KV,three-phase AC 50HZ.The product conforms to GB1984-89 standard.There are two types of architectural structure:integrative design for operating mechanism and breaker body or...
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  • Indoor HV Vacuum Breaker

    Mostly purpose VGP(an available substitute for ZN96-12)type indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker,manufactured by Zhejiang YUguang Vacuum Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. is widely used for indoor armoured air insulation switch cabinet.It complies with gregulations of...
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  • Indoor HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    Mostly purpose The ZN12(ZN68)series vacuum breaker is an indoor HV switchgear with rated voltage 12/40.5KV,three-phase AC 50HZ,introduced from German Siemens.With simple structure,strong switching capability,long life and full operation functions,the breaker has no explosion...
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  • Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker 12kV

    Mostly purpose ZN73A-12/D type indoor high-voltage permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker,an advanced product in China,adopts self-developed YG type permanent magetic operating mechanism with either manual switching off or electric switching on/off function,which leaves...
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  • Metal Blockage Switch Cabinet Cart Series

    Mostly purpose This trolley is one of the core components of switch cabinet,welded by bent armor plate with four idler wheels on the bottom,it can move along the horizontal direction,and is also equipped with earthing contact,gukding device,locking mechanism and handle...
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